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SONGBIRD We Are Coming


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SPARK came from the bold dreams of Nebuchadnezzar, a member of the Flare CT community who is passionate about bringing awareness to Songbird / Flare Network. Neb grew a strong desire to deploy a forward-thinking strategy to bring the community closer to one another. 


NFTs have continued to revolutionize the world by solving problems at a scale through proof-of-existence, proof-of-ownership & proof-of-copyright. Hence, there is a need to create more exposure to projects, thus fostering a relationship that will be nurtured with feedback, encouragement, and engagement.


SPARK Token's initial utility will be a Twitter tipping platform created by a team of knowledgeable and highly skilled developers as a practical solution to the tremendous challenges of bringing people together in an organized crypto community.


$SPRK token's primary use case is to be the social currency of the Songbird Network. This will break barriers, foster increased awareness of the Songbird and Flare Networks, and reward people for sharing valuable content while maintaining a Token/NFT project that is fun with utility.


Spark stands out because members of the Flare Twitter community are allowed to tip one another or anyone on Twitter through the Spark tipping platform. The SPARK tipping bot will be able to tip in $SPRK and other tokens on the Songbird Network, including Songbird Native Token $SGB, creating an atmosphere of harmony, security, and safety of transactions. 



To help empower the adoption of Songbird Network and create exposure to projects built on the network by bringing more utility to their Tokens via the Spark Tipping platform.


To innovate with Songbird / Flare Network and create a harmonious atmosphere between the community, $SPRK token, and the Sparktans. 

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