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A token of appreciation to our Million+ SPRK holders who have been waiting patiently for the launch of our Spark Twitter Tipping Platform

To show our appreciation, we're offering our +1M SPRK holders who aren't in an LP a small gift as a token of our thanks. We hope it puts a smile on your face and reminds you that we're in this together!

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Nebuchadnezzar, Chief Sparktan


wallets over 1 million SPRK

50 wallets currently have +1M SPRK that are not currently in a LP

Last updated 29th May 2023

the reward

1 Sparktan NFT will be Air Dropped for every 1 Million SPRK held in wallet that isn't in a LP or Super Farm


SPRK Snap Shot will be taking place randomly at any point between 29th-31st May.


Special Note: SPRK that is part of a LP or Super Farm will not be eligible for the Sparktan NFT Air Drop

nft air drop

Sparktan NFT Air Drop will be distributed within first 7 days of June.


Can I still purchase SPRK to participate?

Yes, As long as you own a minimum 1 Million SPRK during the time of Snap Shot in May. The SPRK must not be in a LP or Super Farm. 

How many Million SPRK is the cap?

There is no cap. You will be A.D 1 Sparktan NFT for every 1 Million SPRK you hold in your wallet during Snap Shot.

What is the end date for this offer?

This is the final A.D

Where can I purchase SPRK Token?

Currently Pangolin DEX has the most liquidity for large SPRK purchases

Add to your Bifrost or DCENT Browser and select Songbird Network to be able to find the $SPRK Token listing

Why not reward SPRK holders that are in a LP or Superfarm?

We created a Superfarm specifically for those who wanted to take advantage of the Superfarm rewards.


We also have loyal SPRK holders who are not only waiting for the launch of our Tip Platform  so, we've created this reward specifically for the 1,000,000+ SPRK holders who aren't in an LP or Superfarm.

Where can I buy more Sparktan NFTs?

Sparktan NFT are available to buy via Sparkles NFT Marketplace

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